• September 19, 2021

FourFourtwo’s Carlisle Interconnect Technology – Color Star Technology

FourFourSeconds ago, we revealed the latest news regarding Carlisle’s new Interconnect technology.Now, we’re bringing you the latest details, so you can get the latest on Carlisle Technologies, which has just launched in the UK.Carlisle Technologies is a company that has been developing interconnect technology to replace the ageing copper wire used in the main street…

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Dell Technologies announces new technologies for high-performance computing

Dell Technologies, the leading security technology company in the world, today announced the launch of a new set of security technologies for the high-end server market.The new security technologies, designed to help ensure secure environments for all of the applications in a virtualized environment, will be delivered through a combination of existing security solutions and…

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Which technology will be most important to the next generation of transportation?

In this article, The Washington Post looks at the technology of the next few decades, exploring what it will take to connect people, goods and services across the nation.Cars and trucks, drones and satellites, satellites and cars.The next big thing in transportation will be something we haven’t thought of yet: transportation networks.That means that you…

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Apple plans to invest $150M in a startup that will make high-frequency chips for electric cars

Apple has announced a $150 million investment in the startup Torch Technologies to develop the technology behind its first high-performance, high-capacity batteries.The investment is one of several in the high-speed battery space in recent years, with others in development, including Tesla Motors, Panasonic and Nokia.In addition to Torch, Apple has also invested in a company…

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