• July 3, 2021

What is Faith Technologies?

Faith Technologies is a religion-based technology company that offers “intelligent” products to churches and faith-based organizations.

Faith Technologies was founded in 2015.

They have a strong presence in the church, but also in the tech industry.

We asked Faith Technologies founder and CEO David Stokes why he thinks the tech world is a better place for the faith community than the church.

FaithTech.com: What is faith technology?

David Stokes: It’s technology that’s used to build community.

You might have a technology that can build a building, you might have technology that will help you manage a funeral.

You have technology, for instance, that will detect the heartbeat of your dog, and it will do everything possible to protect your dog.

So it’s not just technology for people to use to worship or do business or to serve in a way that is beneficial to people, it’s technology for everyone to use.

Faith Tech: What’s your focus?

David: My focus has been to bring the technology into the mainstream.

It’s not necessarily for people who want to use it, but it’s for the people who use it.

And for us, it really is about how can we use technology in the most efficient way possible.

We really want to make sure that our products and services can be used by everybody.

We want to build relationships, so that people who have an interest in us will want to connect with us.

Faith Technology: How has the tech sector changed over the last decade?


We have a different mindset now.

We’ve had an explosion in technology in general.

I mean, this is the new normal.

We’re not really talking about technology for religion, for example, we’re not talking about the technology that we use for our phones.

The technology is used for commerce.

So we’re really in a different space than what we were before.

Faithtech.com:”I want to thank you for coming in here.

I’ve just wanted to say, the first thing I’d like to ask you is, how is the technology affecting your relationships?

What is your relationship with faith and religion today?”

Stokes: Well, for the first few years, we had a very low-profile relationship with the church because it wasn’t something that we felt we could really address.

We didn’t really have a big network of people who were connected to us and could support us.

But, as time has gone on, we’ve really had a huge impact in the faith sector.

So I think it’s something that is very interesting.

Faith tech is something that allows people to connect and build community and get connected with the community in a better way.

Faith is becoming more visible in the world, so people can see what’s happening with faith tech and what the impact of the technology is, and how people can make connections.

Faith technology is a way for people in the community to reach out to each other, so it’s a way to have more effective relationships.



Com: What do you see as the biggest barriers to faith technology adoption?

David, for us at FaithTech, there are three major barriers to adoption.

First of all, it needs to be very transparent.

We don’t want the technology to be used for anything that’s inappropriate or shady.

And then there’s also the fact that we have to be upfront with the tech companies and let them know that we’re looking to have this technology in their products.

We believe that transparency is critical.

Faith, for those who are new to the tech space, we know that the tech is a new space.

There’s no clear path to adoption in the technology space.

We need to be transparent about what the technology does, and why we think it should be used.

Faith: It is a lot of the same technology that has been in use for thousands of years, and we’re seeing people use it for different things.

But we’re also seeing people who are interested in technology, whether they’re technology enthusiasts or tech-savvy professionals, and they’re finding a lot more adoption of technology.

It helps that tech companies are very transparent about the product and what it can do.

Faith’s mission is to be the world’s leading provider of intelligent technology for faith communities.

Faiths technology provides technology that helps communities to achieve greater financial and health outcomes.

Faith can help people in many ways, and Faithtech also provides a wide range of tools to support communities in the growth of faith.


Com”I’m not really sure if this is going to be a topic that we’ll talk about all that much in the future, but for me personally, I’m very much interested in finding the most effective way to reach and connect with people and bring the tech to the masses.”

Stokes, FaithTech’s founder and chairman, explains the technology behind Faith Technologies.



Tech: What does faith tech look like?

David.: I think we are very much

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