• June 30, 2021

How to get a better fit for a carseat

The American car seat industry is experiencing a boom in the last few years as manufacturers and retailers alike are adding car seats and seat belts to their vehicles.

While manufacturers are making some headway, the seat-belt trend is still a hot topic for manufacturers.

A new study by the Consumer Product Safety Commission shows that nearly a third of American car seats have been recalled since 2015, with an estimated 30 million American children under the age of 5 having been injured or killed by them.

Many car seats are designed to reduce head trauma, but in some cases they can do more.

“In some cases, the problem may not be that the seat is too tight but the seat itself is too loose,” said Dr. Lisa DeSantis, the chair of the Consumer Products Safety Commission.

In 2017, the CPSC issued more than 3,000 safety recalls for car seats.

The CPSC reported that nearly three-quarters of those recalled seats have the manufacturer’s logo on the back, while nearly half of those with a logo on both sides have it on the front.

The CPSCs study found that more than two-thirds of the recalled seats were “not properly designed,” which could include using the wrong size car seat harness, not providing a proper harness, using improper seatbelts or having seatbelting material on the harness that isn’t properly rated.

For example, in some cars, a seat belt that is too long could lead to a child getting trapped under the seat if the seat belt is too short.

Other safety issues include improper harnessing, inadequate seat padding, improper seat positioning and seat alignment issues.

Even if a car seat isn’t causing a child injury, the risk of injury can still be high, especially if the child is not adequately seated, the study found.

The study also found that nearly two-fifths of recalled seats had problems with seat belt buckles that had not been properly tested, as well as seat padding that was not properly designed and padding that could potentially damage the child’s neck.

In some of the more serious car seats, the manufacturer could have taken corrective action and provided an extra buckle, such as padding with a buckle or an alternative seat.

CPSC is warning parents to be cautious about purchasing a car safety seat for their children, and to inspect the vehicle for any seatbelters or seat harnesses that have not been tested.

The agency recommends parents check their vehicle for the manufacturer of the car seat, its label, and its warning labels.

This report was produced by the U.S. Consumer Product Advisory Council.

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