• November 26, 2021

Microchip technology improves accuracy of 3D-printed gun target

In this photo, a microchip is used to create a 3D printable target, which is shown in this undated file photo.

The technology is a development in which a piece of silicon or metal, called a chip, is embedded in a printed circuit board.

The chip converts light, which normally passes through a circuit board, into electrical signals, which are then translated to the user’s hand, and then sent to a target, according to the company.

The design of the chip enables the print to be more precise, according the company, which has already tested its technology on a target made of a plastic pipe.

The prototype, made of polystyrene, can also be used to build a plastic rifle target.

Microchip’s 3D printing technology is more precise than conventional machining methods, allowing for a target to be created that is a fraction of the thickness of a human hair.

It also provides greater accuracy.

The company is also working on ways to improve the accuracy of its technology.

It says it will make a commercial product in the next few years.

A video showing a 3-D-printable 3D model of a gun target in this file photo, from the Microchip Technology, Inc., was released by the company on May 31, 2019.

The video was made with the company’s new chip technology.

Microchips are also being used in 3-d printing, as the company has already demonstrated a prototype of a bullet-proof 3-dimensional object using chips made of the technology.

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