• October 9, 2021

The ‘smart’ camera in your home could be a new feature

Arlo Technologies is taking a big step toward capturing and processing the data from every shot you take.

The company is working on a camera system that can read data from your home’s camera and use that to improve image quality and speed.

Arlo says it is able to read data using the same algorithm that makes iPhones look better than they actually are.

The idea is to make a camera that can automatically improve images by adjusting exposure and focusing, among other things.

The cameras can also do more than just take photos.

Armoi says it has developed an algorithm that can predict the exact location of objects in the scene by taking into account the brightness of the scene, the distance to the camera, and the brightness/contrast of the surrounding light.

It then analyzes the resulting images and uses the data to create images that are more accurately capturing the object in question.

The process is similar to how a photo-processor can automatically produce more accurate, sharper images.

The system can read a photo from a sensor in the camera and make a decision about how to adjust the exposure, focus, and other settings based on the image.

Arlon says the cameras could help homeowners with problems such as low-light conditions, night vision problems, and light pollution.

They also can be used in homes with limited storage space and can be programmed to take photos for a limited time before needing to be removed from their home.

ArLo has raised $11 million in funding from investors including Accel Partners, Benchmark Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, and more.

The technology is expected to be available for commercial production in 2020.

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