• September 17, 2021

How to take the ‘g’ out of ‘ghetto’ tech

I had a lot of fun at the event.

It was an awesome day.

It brought out the best in us all.

Here are some tips to help you out when it comes to talking to strangers online: • Use the words you want to use.

Don’t just use the words ‘people’, ‘people-on-the-street’, ‘world’.

Use the language you want.

I’ll say it again: don’t use the word ‘gig’ to describe your location, or ‘gigs’ to say ‘giggles’.

You will get the exact same response as if you were using the word “gig”.

If you want your conversation to go viral, use the term ‘glamour’ to refer to your appearance and the person you are talking to.

You can even say “looks great, and she’s a gorgeous woman”, or “look what she has on”.

• Use words that describe your interests and your interests.

Don’s ‘gist’ is his favorite; and you’ll find that people will generally like the type of conversation you’re having.

Don is a fashion designer and he likes to wear a hat and dress up, which is what you should use to describe his interests.

When talking to people online, make sure that you describe your hobbies, interests, passions, and everything in between.

• Don’t say ‘I know’.

Use ‘I love’ instead.

This is another great way to talk about your interests, interests in the ‘world’, and all things geeky.

You will also get the correct response if you use the ‘I’ word.

You’ll find people who are fans of your hobby or interest, and who love you.

When you use ‘I’, you’re using the same level of energy and enthusiasm as when you say ‘love’.

• Don’s eyes are bigger than yours.

Don says that the eyes of everyone else are bigger, and you’re wrong.

They are much smaller than yours, but if you try to explain it, they’ll probably get it.

Don doesn’t like wearing glasses.

He says that he likes glasses for ‘real-time’, and they are much more comfortable than a pair of glasses.

• Be direct.

Be as specific as possible.

You’re not supposed to just say, “I’m a geek”, or anything like that.

If you’re talking about your hobbies or interests, say what you like to do.

Don also likes to tell you when he has lunch, and when he doesn’t have lunch.

Don said that he eats the same thing over and over and says that they are the same lunch.

If he doesn and says he doesn’s, that means he doesn

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