• September 13, 2021

Dell Technologies and Infineon Technologies to Acquire Blue Canyon Technologies for $8.5 Billion

Blue Canyon, a technology company based in Virginia that was founded in 2009, was acquired by Dell Technologies in July for an undisclosed sum.

Dell Technologies will become the parent company of Blue Canyon’s parent company, Infineons, which manufactures and sells a wide range of cloud, infrastructure, and application software products.

Blue Canyon was founded by a group of software engineers from a variety of companies and has been focused on developing software for large enterprises and data centers.

It was founded to provide cloud-based solutions to businesses across the U.S., with plans to expand that to a wider range of customers and markets.

“This acquisition provides Dell Technologies with a highly-valued and diverse portfolio of cloud and cloud-enabled products that we believe will complement the cloud in a very wide range, including enterprise, corporate, health care, financial services, and manufacturing applications,” said Bob Oster, CEO of Dell Technologies.

“We look forward to collaborating with Infineont to accelerate the evolution of the Blue Canyon product line, which will provide new, scalable, cost-effective and scalable solutions to our customers, partners, and partners in the U, Europe, and beyond.”

“This is a significant acquisition for our company and for Blue Canyon,” said Andrew Lefkowitz, CEO and founder of Infineones Technology, which developed Blue Canyon.

“With Infineondes’ extensive portfolio of product innovation and leadership in this area, we are excited to have the opportunity to work with them to drive this industry-leading new product line.”

“The acquisition of Blue Creek, which was founded at Dell Technologies, will add the largest portfolio of technologies and technologies expertise to our team,” said Greg Johnson, CEO, Infinión.

“Dell Technologies is an exceptional technology leader, and this acquisition will accelerate our ability to leverage the best technologies and solutions available for the cloud, including the ability to accelerate development of cloud applications that can be deployed across the entire Infineonal platform.”

The acquisition of Infinion Technologies comes at a time when Dell Technologies is trying to make its cloud platform more attractive to customers who want more flexibility and a more robust solution.

The company has recently introduced several new features to its Cloud Services platform, which include: enabling customers to run more than one app on the same machine; allowing for multi-user applications; and allowing customers to deploy applications from multiple applications to one machine.

For more information on Infinions products and services, go to: https://www.dell.com/solutions/cloud-services/products/infiniont-services.

The announcement of this transaction comes on the heels of Dell’s acquisition of software company Insolite in November 2017 for an $8 billion cash consideration.

Insolites is best known for developing the cloud-management software for Dell’s Business Solutions division, which is one of the company’s core business segments.

In January 2018, Dell announced the addition of Insolitions to its cloud-services portfolio, which includes cloud-focused software and services.

For the latest Dell news, visit dell.microsoft.com.

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