• September 11, 2021

Kingston Technology, Advanced Technology Services to offer up to $5,000,000 in cash prizes for technology winners

Kingston technology and Advanced Technology services are joining forces to offer a $5 million cash prize for technology innovators, and to create a technology-focused prize for emerging technologies that create a new type of service or product.

The companies have been working on this collaboration for months, and Kingston CEO Andy King said the new partnership with Advanced Technology is a “significant milestone” for both companies.

“Kingston Technology is always interested in bringing innovative solutions to the marketplace and we are pleased to be working with a company like Advanced Technology on a new innovation that we believe will bring significant value to consumers,” he said.

“We have already partnered with companies like Google to provide new ways to deliver intelligent consumer services.

It is a testament to how innovative Kingston is at the intersection of technology and innovation that it is able to create this new partnership.”

The $5M prize is the largest ever awarded to an innovation from Kingston, which will also be able to host an event to showcase the technology, and the two companies will announce more details at the company’s TechCrunch Disrupt conference.

“The $7 million prize is not only a major milestone for Kingston but a testament of the innovative power of this new technology and how it can be leveraged to help consumers across the globe,” Kingston’s CEO Andy Queen said.

Kingston CEO and co-founder of Kingston Technologies Andy King explained why he thought the company was so excited to partner with Advanced Technologies.

“With the ability to leverage advanced technology to deliver an experience that is tailored to a particular consumer or audience, we are excited to be partnering with Advanced to help us deliver new and exciting services and experiences,” Kington CEO Andy Kingsley said.

“This is an incredibly exciting time for Kingstons technology and advanced technology solutions, as we begin to build a new generation of customers for our business.”

The two companies are also partnering to create the first-ever award for the technology of a service, as well as the first cash prize ever awarded by a technology company, for a technology service.

Kingstons innovation, including its own mobile phone, has seen it become a go-to for consumers looking to access new services.

The company is now able to bring new capabilities to its smartphone through new devices, including a smartphone with a camera that can capture video and audio, which is then uploaded to the device, and a smartphone that can also take a picture or take a video of the user and post it on a website.

King Stons technology, Advanced Technologies and its partners also have been able to build new ways of delivering advanced services to the consumer in the last year, including the Kingston SmartWatch, which was designed to track and record activities of the wearer’s body.

“Our team is working hard to create new products and services that will help our customers connect with new services in a more intuitive way,” Advanced Technologies president of product design and innovation Andrew Legg said.

The Kingston company is a wholly owned subsidiary of the parent company of Microsoft.

KingStons technology will also continue to grow as it continues to evolve and improve, Kingston CEO Andy Kingston said.

The firm has a strong presence in the retail, telecommunications, healthcare and finance sectors, and also recently began work on a technology platform to make smart home appliances.

KingSTON is also working on its own wireless Internet service, which it hopes will eventually be available to consumers.

KingSTON is a registered trademark of KingSTON Technology Incorporated.

For more on Kingston Tech, follow the company on Facebook and Twitter, or check out our company blog.

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