• September 10, 2021

Mobile phone network provider liteON to offer mobile phone SIM card in Ireland

liteONS Mobile Phone Networks will introduce a SIM card to support the use of mobile phones in Ireland as part of a range of consumer packages announced by the company today.

LiteON, the Irish unit of mobile phone company Orange, will be the first mobile phone provider to launch SIM cards to support use of the technology.

The SIM card will allow users to buy or sell a SIM to someone in the mobile network who wants to use the SIM card for another purpose, such as a business or for other purposes.LITEON has announced the launch of a SIM cards in Ireland for use on mobile phones and will make them available to customers who have a prepaid SIM card or can purchase an unlimited SIM card.

This is an important step towards furthering the development of the mobile phone network in Ireland, which has seen its share of the Irish market increase from just over 20% in 2015 to almost 30% today.

The launch of the SIM cards will support the development and development of Orange’s network in the Irish space, said Michael McGlone, Vice President of Orange in Ireland.

The announcement comes a day after Orange announced that it had signed a strategic agreement with SIM provider SIMPlus to enable it to offer its SIM cards for purchase by customers in the United Kingdom.

In Ireland, Orange and SIMPlus are the only operators offering SIM cards on a mobile network.

The first SIM card, which is available to purchase from Orange, can be used for up to four calls per month for the first three months.

A second SIM card is available for €1.99 per month, while a third SIM card can be purchased for €3.99.

A SIM card from Orange is also available on Orange’s own network.

Orange is currently offering SIMs for €5.99, €10.99 and €20.99 for the Irish carrier’s new Mobile SIM card range.

In the United States, Orange has also launched SIM cards that are only available to those who have an unlimited or prepaid SIM.

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