• September 6, 2021

Why Australia should start protecting coral reefs

Posted May 09, 2020 08:30:17The United States is stepping up its efforts to protect its reef reefs from rising seas, with President Donald Trump’s administration saying it will ask Congress to authorize more spending for the U.S. to protect the species.

Key points:The U.N. has said that about 200 million square kilometers of the reef, or more than one-fifth of the planet, are at risk of being lost due to global warming and rising sea levels.

In an attempt to counter the threat, the Trump administration has ordered the U,S.

military to begin using dredgers to clear coral rubble in the Gulf of Mexico.

The U,s military said it would use the dredgers for three months and would release a sample of coral rock, which would be analysed to identify any harmful chemicals.

The reef was first discovered by Captain James Cook in 1788 and became the most famous in the world, until it was wiped out by a huge wave in 1815.

It has been heavily damaged by a series of waves, including one caused by the Great Barrier Reef.

“We can’t let this happen again.

It’s a national tragedy,” Mr Trump said at a news conference with Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.”

I can tell you, it’s a really sad thing.”

Mr Rudd said he hoped the dredge operation would make a difference in the region.

“It’s a matter of life and death for the reefs and I think we can make a real difference to the situation there,” he said.

“This is a national disaster.

We need to be strong, we need to stand up, and we need the United States to step up.”

The dredge is part of an effort to protect some of the world’s most fragile coral reefs, which have been damaged by storms, heat waves, pollution and overfishing.

“What we know is that we can’t protect the reefs if we don’t protect ourselves, and that’s why we have to do this,” Mr Rudd said.

“It is a global crisis.”

The White House said the $300 million effort would help the U.,s military to help “build and sustain a stable reef ecosystem in the western Pacific Ocean”.

“We know that the United State’s presence in the Pacific is essential to our efforts to support the recovery of coral reefs in the area,” the statement said.

Australia has been taking part in the United Nations-led effort to restore coral reefs around the world since the 1960s.

Australia is among the countries that has helped rebuild coral reefs and restore sea life.

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