• September 4, 2021

When you need to find a replacement for your LIDAR, Google can help

A company in Silicon Valley is building a smart glasses that will help you spot and pinpoint your location using optical data collected from your smartphone.

Google Glass can provide real-time location information by capturing and analyzing data from your phone.

The company, Metaio, says it’s working on a pair of glasses that can track and analyze the GPS signals that are collected from mobile phones, including GPS data from GPS satellites and from satellites that are operating in space.

Metaio’s glasses will be able to provide a map of your surroundings that you can then use to locate your location.

Metaion CEO and cofounder David Venn explained that they were inspired by the use of a GPS device in a previous prototype that used lasers to detect the position of objects in the environment.

He explained, “We want to use this technology to provide real time information to a user when they are looking for a location.

This is a very new field of use and we wanted to create something that was a little bit different.”

Metaio also said that the glasses will help users track their location with a GPS sensor that uses infrared technology to scan the sky for objects that are far away.

Google announced last month that it would invest $1 billion in Metaio to develop a pair that can read the location of a user and use that information to create a map that can be used to pinpoint their location.

Google and Metaio are not disclosing the specific amount of money they will invest.

The Metaio project is currently in early development.

A Metaio spokesperson declined to comment on whether the company plans to release the glasses to the public.

MetaIO says the glasses can track the GPS signal emitted by mobile phones and that it can use that data to determine where a user is in relation to a location, including where the user is on a particular street or a specific building.

Google has been developing technology to help people navigate more safely and reliably.

It’s been working on Google Maps since 2015 and the company recently introduced a new service, Google Places, that lets users select their preferred destinations for their trips and search for nearby restaurants, bars, stores, museums and other locations.

Metaium said that Google’s new Google Maps is a “truly immersive experience” that will enable users to easily find places they are interested in using their glasses.

Metaia has said that it’s targeting the first wave of users who want to wear its glasses.

The glasses will likely launch in the fall of 2020.

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