• August 26, 2021

How to invest in stock trading platforms with a new technology

A new technology called “Zoom” has been released by Zim.

The platform allows users to trade stock futures, options and options contracts for real money.

The technology has been designed to compete with traditional stock trading software and the platform has already gained traction.

A Zim investor has reported seeing a 15 percent premium in his portfolio of shares that are traded on the platform.

The company has also reported a 15.5 percent rise in daily trading volume in the last three weeks.

It is also developing a mobile app that is expected to go live later this year.

“Zim is the next big thing in technology for investors,” said Daniel Katz, founder and CEO of the Zim Blockchain Technology Center in Tel Aviv.

“We are creating the next generation of decentralized, open-source trading platforms.”

The platform is built on the Zisk platform, a software platform developed by Zomato, which is the largest cryptocurrency trading platform.

Zim is using the Zok platform as a foundation for its platform.

This new platform, called Zoom, was launched in January.

The Zisk blockchain is designed to be a secure, decentralized, global platform that is designed for institutional investors, said Daniel Klein, chief technology officer at Zomax.

Zomac, Zim’s parent company, is a company that provides security, identity and privacy to blockchain platforms.

It uses Zok, a blockchain-based protocol, for its token sale platform.

On a blockchain, each transaction is made by adding a new value to a value-added account on a network.

These tokens can then be traded on a decentralized marketplace.

Zok tokens are used to support Zim trading platforms and can be used to fund Zim projects.

Zoom is an open-ended platform, meaning that investors can create a Zisk account and start trading on the company’s platform.

Users can set up an account on the service, and the first time they trade on the marketplace they are automatically entered into a lottery that pays out 1 percent of their trading volume.

There are no fees or commissions to join the lottery.

After entering a lottery, Zoom allows users the ability to track their trades.

Users also can earn rewards from Zim investments and Zom coins that are used in Zomashares transactions.

The lottery can be extended by creating more Zok or Zom accounts, and then users can trade for more Zom or Zok.

The Zoom platform has attracted investors because it has been developed in a way that allows users in the same ecosystem to share information and transact.

The founders of Zom, Michael Krasniqi and Jonathan Sosnick, are all from the same Israeli startup accelerator and are currently based in Tel-Aviv.

The first major milestone for the platform came on October 15 when the platform launched a new platform called Zokot that is meant to provide a platform for investors to buy and sell stock.

The team has created a new version of Zok that is currently being tested on Zom.

The new Zok will be available to users on October 28.

The stock market in Israel has been in a tailspin since January, when the Israeli Stock Exchange closed at a record low of 0.2 percent.

A number of companies have been forced to shut down or move operations as a result of the market meltdown.

The current market turmoil has caused some to look at investing on a blockchain to diversify their holdings.

Zumot, a platform launched in 2014, aims to build a platform that allows investors to diversified their holdings across a wide range of cryptoassets.

Zombi, which aims to provide investors with an automated platform for buying and selling cryptoassets, is also a blockchain company.

The firm is based in Israel and offers investors an easy way to diversifying their cryptoassets portfolio.

The companies aims to enable investors to trade all the assets in the cryptomarkets at their own pace, but this can only be done with the help of a blockchain platform.

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