• August 24, 2021

How to harness the power of Netflix and Amazon to power a carbon-neutral world

The technology behind carbon capture and storage has been around for decades, but today it’s getting a lot of attention from the tech world. 

According to Netflix, the streaming giant has already invested $500 million into carbon capture, and Amazon is set to deploy a carbon capture facility in the UK.

But for many companies and entrepreneurs, it’s just the start of a new frontier. 

So let’s take a look at how we can harness the energy from the power grid to power the worlds largest cloud computing company.

If you’re already paying attention to this news, it may seem a little far-fetched.

However, if you’re not, you should start reading this post because the technology is pretty cool and it will help make your cloud computing experiences even better.

First, let’s talk about how you could get the most out of your Netflix or Amazon data centers.

First of all, there are two key points that you need to know about carbon capture.

First off, carbon dioxide emissions from power plants are huge.

That’s because the carbon dioxide emitted is stored as heat in the atmosphere, and then when the planet warms up, it can release that heat and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

When the planet cools down, the heat is released back into the air and this can increase CO2 levels in the air.

This means that your cloud data centers need to be carbon neutral.

When you’re building your own data centers, you’re going to need to build the energy to make the data centers carbon neutral, and this is where Amazon is leading the way.

In fact, Amazon recently announced a carbon neutral cloud in Seattle that will capture over half of the city’s CO2 emissions by 2020. 

Amazon also recently announced that it’s also working with IBM to build carbon neutral data centers in China and India. 

Finally, when you’re using your cloud, you want to make sure that it doesn’t pollute the air with carbon dioxide.

If your data centers are built with carbon capture in mind, it is also important to monitor the air quality and pollution levels in your data center, as CO2 pollution can contribute to respiratory illnesses.

Here are some of the ways you can help make sure your cloud is carbon neutral:Set up a Carbon Capture Zone on your data facility.

Amazon will have a Carbon Capturing Zone for its data centers that will allow it to capture over 90 percent of the CO2 that it releases into the environment, with a maximum of 90 percent. 

Set up an EPA certified carbon capture site.

Amazon has also partnered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to set up a carbon capturing zone for its facilities in the United States.

Amazon is currently partnering with the EPA to set aside about 5,000 square feet of its data center for carbon capture facilities in its data warehouses.

Amazon is also using the EPA’s carbon capture certification to set an example for other data centers to follow. 

Create a Carbon Free Cloud.

This could be as simple as creating a carbon free environment or creating a cloud where you can do carbon capture at a later time.

Amazon has also set up Carbon Free Data Centers, which are located in data centers around the world, where it is able to capture a maximum amount of carbon dioxide by the end of 2020.

Amazon’s carbon free data centers include: Amazon Cloud Ecosystem in the US, Amazon Cloud S1 in China, Amazon Carbon Free in India, Amazon Data Centers in Brazil, and AWS Carbon Free AWS in India.

For more information about Amazon’s cloud data center and how to start using it, read the Amazon cloud blog post. 

What are the best ways to get your data in a carbon friendly environment?

When you’ve got a data center that’s carbon neutral (or carbon capture free), you can use this list of tools to help you get started. 

First, you can choose to install a carbon filter at the data center.

Amazon’s Carbon Filter software will allow you to capture as much CO2 as possible while also capturing the water, waste, and air that goes into the data warehouse. 

Second, you’ll need to set a carbon release rate.

Amazon offers a Carbon Release Rate Calculator which lets you set a release rate to capture the maximum amount. 

Lastly, you may want to consider installing a carbon monitor in your cloud.

This will monitor CO2 in your environment and make sure you’re capturing the most CO2 you can. 

How do you get your cloud ready for a carbon intensive future?

While it’s true that you can’t control how much CO3 your data can contain, you do have control over how much carbon you’ll capture.

You can either take measures to reduce your CO2 footprint by using less CO2, or you can reduce your carbon footprint by getting rid of CO2 altogether.

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