• August 10, 2021

When the Spectraforce Technologies Co. is sold to Verizon, it will make its $7 billion in investment in a tech company in Brooklyn

NEW YORK — Spectraforce Technology, the $7.8 billion company that provides data-gathering technology for the military and police, has agreed to sell its assets to Verizon Communications Inc. in a $7-billion transaction.

SpectraForce, based in Brooklyn, is the largest military contractor in the United States, according to Forbes magazine.

The company has a $9.4 billion market value and is the nation’s largest provider of military equipment and sensors.

Verizon is a Verizon Communications subsidiary.

SpectreX technology, which provides high-definition video and audio streaming technology, was acquired by the government last year and is used by more than 40,000 police departments and localities, according the Wall Street Journal.

The sale price for SpectraForce technology is not yet disclosed.

SpectrumX technology has been used in the military since the 1960s, and is now used by the police departments of New Jersey, Connecticut, California and other states, according Fortune magazine.

Spectres SpectraX technology will be used to provide the military with real-time video feeds for the battlefield, according Bloomberg Businessweek.

The deal comes just months after Spectra’s $1 billion acquisition of Spectra-2, the company that has developed technology for military use in the past.

The deal has raised concerns that Spectra is not doing enough to safeguard the data it collects on the battlefield.

Spectrabytes Spectra and Spectra2 will also share the same security and data-management system that the military uses to gather and analyze data and video feeds from troops on the field, according Topps, which owns the American Baseball League’s New York Yankees.

The Spectra technology is used for all major military equipment, including surveillance cameras, weapons, radar and thermal imaging equipment.

Spectrabots Spectra also uses its technology to identify and target enemy targets, according Forbes.

Spectranobots are a pair of devices that were designed to track a human and identify its location.

SpectRabots is used to track human targets by analyzing their behavior and movements.

The devices track their movements and facial expressions to determine their exact location.

Spectrabots is part of the SpectralX family of technology that has been around for more than 50 years, according its website.

Spectrums Spectra products are used in military equipment from the US military and the Navy.

Spectrades technology is also used by private companies for tracking dogs, which are used to detect and capture suspected criminals.

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