• July 27, 2021

Redtail’s i360 platform gives companies access to financial technology and artificial intelligence

Fox News, home of the world’s largest and most-watched network, has partnered with Redtail, a San Francisco-based AI company, to introduce i360, a new platform for financial technology that uses AI to analyze market trends, manage risk and act on the advice of human advisors.

Redtail CEO and founder Sami Alhadeff said that i360 enables companies to analyze data, make better business decisions and take action.

“We believe that a big part of the reason why our financial companies have been doing so well is because of our AI technology, and our technology is very powerful,” Alhadesff said in a statement.

“It is now possible for us to build better and faster AI systems that are better suited for the needs of our clients and businesses.”

Redtail’s latest platform, which is designed for the global finance and technology community, will initially focus on AI-based trading and lending and offer the ability to automate risk management for the entire company.

Alhidesff said the platform will be used for all sorts of things that banks are looking to automate and simplify.

For example, Alhasesff said Redtail will leverage AI to understand where the markets are trending, what their pricing and volume is and where there is more demand.

“The more advanced and advanced algorithms are going to be able to help us better serve our clients,” he said.

The company also said that Redtail would be the first in the world to offer an AI-powered platform that is available to both the consumer and investment market.

“As we enter the age of the financial services industry, where we have access to the vast amount of data that is out there, AI will become even more important than ever,” Alhasseff said.

“This will be a game changer for all of us.”

Redtails new platform, i360 is now available for use in more than 50 countries, and it will be available in beta in the next few weeks.

Redtail plans to make i360 a global platform, so that financial services and financial technology companies can utilize the platform for their clients and partners.

AlhadesFF said that it was important for the company to provide its customers with the tools to make their own decisions about their investments.

“At the same time, we have to give our clients the information that they need so that they can make the best decision for their investment,” Alhaladeff added.

“We want to make sure that everyone is using our platform to make the right decision for them.”

Alhadoff added that Redtails AI is capable of analyzing more than 1.6 billion data points and is capable for analyzing financial trends and market conditions in real time.

“This will enable us to provide the financial community with information and advice to help them make the most appropriate investment decisions,” Alhaadesff continued.

“And this will make it easier for them to engage in more complex investment strategies.

This will also make it more difficult for them not to be wrong.”

Redtailed also announced a new strategic partnership with American Express that will enable Redtail to offer its clients more advanced tools and services to better manage their investments and help them save for the future.

Alhassef said that as a leading financial technology company, Redtail is going to continue to be focused on helping its clients, their clients’ clients, and its clients’ investors with a variety of products and services.

Alhasseyff added, “We are looking forward to working with American Exchange to continue our relationship to grow and strengthen the partnership and we look forward to having a positive impact on the financial industry and the American public.”

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