• July 21, 2021

Microsoft, HP unveil $1.3 billion in security research for security and data center partners

The makers of Windows, Microsoft, and HP are working together to develop new technologies that will be integrated into the company’s security and datacentre security products.

The teams have announced the acquisition of the CyberSec, a research and development team that will help Microsoft develop security technologies to help secure data centers, as well as the CyberSecurity, which will focus on new cloud computing solutions that enable data centers to run on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform.

The two companies are also working on a new product, a security-focused security software called Cyber Security Management Suite, or CSM.

The CyberSec team will help build security for data centers and datacenter security solutions, including a new cloud-based solution that will allow data centers running on Azure to access data on Microsoft Azure.

The CSM team will be responsible for developing cloud-level security software and systems, as part of the Microsoft Security Team, which is also being created by the two companies.

“We are thrilled to be part of a collaborative effort that will enable Microsoft to make the security of data centers a top priority for our customers and partners,” said David Schumacher, president and chief operating officer of Microsoft.

“By working together, we will deliver a world-class solution that enables data centers that are running on our Azure platform to be able to securely and efficiently access data in Microsoft Azure and other Microsoft-owned datacenters.”

The acquisition was made by Microsoft’s Security, Incident Response and Mitigation Group (SIRTG) in partnership with Symantec, a cybersecurity consulting firm that specializes in data center security.

The companies also signed a memorandum of understanding to work together to integrate the new cloud platform, Cyber Security Manager, with their existing solutions.

The new software will be used to help the companies secure data, including data centers.

The acquisition is a major milestone in Microsoft’s efforts to build out its cloud platform to make data center operations safer.

The company already has the capacity to support millions of cloud customers, with over a billion transactions processed on Azure in the second quarter.

Microsoft is now also partnering with cloud computing companies such as Rackspace and DigitalOcean to offer secure cloud storage services for data center customers.

Microsoft announced earlier this year that it would invest $1 billion in cloud computing startups, bringing its total investment in cloud services to more than $5 billion.

Microsoft’s Cloud Infrastructure Alliance (CIA) recently announced that it had raised $4.6 billion to build cloud infrastructure and software solutions for enterprise customers.

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