• July 20, 2021

‘The Future of Tar Technology’ predicts future of tar technology

New research from Duke University predicts that by the 2030s, the United States will be able to produce more than 30 percent of the global supply of tar.

The research, published Monday in the journal ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, found that the tar currently produced in the United Kingdom, China, India, Brazil, Australia, the Netherlands, Germany and Germany’s neighbor Austria will be replaced with bio-diverse, environmentally friendly, carbon-neutral tar.

Researchers at Duke’s Applied Materials and Interfaces (AMP) Department of Materials Science and Engineering and their collaborators developed a new system that enables the extraction of tar from the carbonate particles in oil and gas extraction fluids.

They use a novel method to convert the natural oils in oil into a synthetic product that is highly efficient in extracting tar from oil.

They also found that bio-degradable bio-diesels that are chemically similar to oil will be the primary feedstock for the bio-tar product.

The paper, titled “Bio-diversity and Bio-Tar Technologies: Bio-Diversity for the Future,” says that biochar will play a key role in addressing the challenges associated with climate change and the use of bio-fuels.

Biochar is a mixture of carbon dioxide and carbon-based compounds.

In order to produce a bio-carbon, one must combine it with other compounds, such as minerals, and carbon monoxide, to create a biofuel.

The most common bio-fuel is biochar.

Bio-tar technology has been developed for use in the oil and natural gas industry.

In recent years, the biochar industry has grown exponentially in terms of size and complexity, and is estimated to be worth more than $4 billion annually.

The Duke team used a system to convert carbon dioxide from natural oils into a biochar with the help of a “biomechanical engineer.”

The engineered system also uses an inexpensive, low-energy biodegradable catalyst that converts carbon dioxide into a liquid that is readily available for extraction.

The team says that in the future, biochar technology will be increasingly useful in the production of carbon-negative, biofuel-based materials, including bio-coal, bio-polymers, and bio-methane.

The bio-dyed carbon, a synthetic version of the oil that is the basis of biofuels, is more than three times as efficient as the crude oil used to produce it.

In addition, the scientists said that biodiesels will be a key feedstock in the biofuel industry.

The researchers say that biochars will also play a major role in the energy transition to renewable energy, which will help reduce carbon emissions and will help the economy by reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

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