• July 19, 2021

Blockchain technology: A revolutionary technology that is changing the world

Next Big Futures (NGF) is a digital currency startup working to change the way money is issued, stored and used around the world.

The company has raised $50m in funding from the likes of Blockchain Capital, Founders Fund, Capital Alpha, Digital Currency Group, Fidelity, and others. 

The company has partnered with leading blockchain technology provider Blockstream and created an innovative blockchain application that uses a blockchain technology that will allow it to record payments directly to consumers, while providing a way to create an efficient, transparent and secure financial ledger.

The team at NGF are a group of tech-savvy individuals who have been working on blockchain technology since the early days of the cryptocurrency space.

One of the founders, Gustavo Mota, is the co-founder of NGF.

He is the CEO of blockchain startup Blockstream, which is based in the US.

The company, which aims to provide a secure, trustworthy, and transparent financial ledger, was launched back in 2015 by Mota and four other members of his team.

The team is now in its second iteration and will now move to a beta phase, which will allow them to test the blockchain technology for the first time. 

Blockstream uses an innovative approach to creating a ledger, known as a block. 

In the simplest terms, a block is just a list of transactions and other data that are stored on the blockchain.

The blockchain uses a mechanism known as proof of work (PoW), which requires the blockchain to solve cryptographic puzzles in order to add new data to the blockchain, and then update the ledger accordingly.

While there are a wide variety of blockchain technology, the one that NGF is working on, called “BaaS”, stands out because of its simplicity and the ease with which it can be used. 

BaaSE, which stands for “Blockchain as a Service”, is a decentralized, peer-to-peer, immutable, trustless, and auditable digital ledger system that is built on top of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The ledger, which currently includes Bitcoin and Litecoin, is created by a community of people that share common values and principles. 

“We wanted to create a platform that is easy to use, and easy to implement, but also that is scalable, flexible, and decentralized,” Mota said. 

Using BaaSE’s blockchain technology means that users can transact directly with each other without having to rely on third-party payment processors.

It also means that NGS will be able to focus on its core business of providing a secure and trust-free digital currency, while building on a solid foundation of technology to grow.

“We believe that we can provide the foundation to enable a decentralized and trustless digital currency ecosystem that can provide value to consumers around the globe and make a positive impact on the global economy,” Mava told Next Big. 

Next Big Futuring is also partnering with Blockchain Capital to launch a new initiative, BaaS Accelerator.

The accelerator, which has been working with the company, will work with the community to design a blockchain-based application for merchants, banks, and financial institutions to support their blockchain solutions.

“Blockchain technology can help banks, companies, and governments develop new and innovative blockchain solutions to increase their scalability and make them more attractive to consumers and businesses,” said Matthew Stolle, CEO of Blockchain Ventures.

“The blockchain application will enable us to provide this service to consumers who are looking to invest in new digital currencies or businesses.” 

Mota is also the CEO and founder of blockchain app platform Blockstalk, which offers a mobile app that allows people to connect with each others communities and share information.

As a technology-focused startup, NGF has focused on building the platform, which makes it a good fit for the company’s core business. 

At the time of its initial launch, NGS was in the early stages of development and had only just launched. 

It is now working with Blockstream to launch its BaaSA platform.

 MOTA told Next B that the partnership with BlockStream will be beneficial for both the startup and the global blockchain ecosystem.

Blockstream has a track record of partnering with startups and startups that have proven themselves to be capable of delivering on their promises.

When it comes to building blockchain applications, the team has built many of the applications that were built for the Bitcoin community, including BitPagos, CoinPayments, Blockstream’s own Lightning Network and others, and has created several blockchain applications for companies that include PayPal, Spotify, and eBay. 

Moto also told Next BIG that the team was excited to collaborate with Block Stream on the BaaSS Accelerator initiative. 

With this partnership, the NGF team will be working on a more efficient and secure way to manage the blockchain and its transactions, which can help NGS build a secure platform to provide more value to its customers and help make a better world. 

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