• July 17, 2021

Apple plans to invest $150M in a startup that will make high-frequency chips for electric cars

Apple has announced a $150 million investment in the startup Torch Technologies to develop the technology behind its first high-performance, high-capacity batteries.

The investment is one of several in the high-speed battery space in recent years, with others in development, including Tesla Motors, Panasonic and Nokia.

In addition to Torch, Apple has also invested in a company called A123 Systems, which is working on a new class of high-efficiency batteries that can produce more power than the current class of lithium-ion batteries that are commonly used for cars and light trucks.

That investment also makes sense, as Apple and its competitors are looking to get into the battery market, especially given its reliance on solar energy.

But the company also wants to compete with existing players, and has been looking at other technologies for years.

Apple already makes a variety of batteries, including the Lightning-to-USB-C cable that powers the new iPhone 5, and a new battery for its Macs.

It’s also working on its own solar-powered battery for the MacBook Air and the Apple Watch.

The new Apple battery is supposed to be the first of its kind to be able to charge at 60 percent capacity in the absence of solar panels, and it could eventually be used in the iPhone 5 and the MacBook Pro, Apple’s most popular laptops.

It will be used to power all the devices that are now running iOS 8, which includes the iPhone, Macbook, iPad and iPod touch.

The battery will be a key component of Apple’s plans to make the iPhone 6, which will launch in late September, and the new MacBook Pro that it is launching later this year.

And it could also be used for charging iPhones at night or on weekends.

Apple has made significant investments in the battery space since the iPhone was released in 2011, and several companies have made significant advances in the technology.

Google, for example, has developed a new lithium-polymer battery that it has dubbed “Ultra-low-temperature” that can last up to a year, and Samsung recently announced a new, thinner battery that can be used on Samsung devices.

The lithium-iron battery that is powering the Apple-built Apple Watch is a hybrid of the technology used in Tesla’s Powerwall, which can store up to 100 times more energy than traditional batteries.

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